where is there a liberal i can yell at for this?

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04:44 Just secured a safe house in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. #spymaster bit.ly/playspy

05:56 I like how I took 200 caps from @maddow's podcast from last night. Fml what am I doing with them? Who wants?

06:30 Oh sweet fancy moses my stomach is trying to claw its way to the outside I am dying wtf

15:55 RT @roomerholmes: @sarking @zestylime AMC will be GUEST-HOSTING MADDOW on FRIDAY! pass it on. // Its becoming more canon by the day.

16:26 Tweety's about to lose his damn mind

16:26 ~coulda had it all~

16:27 I saw this coming a mile away. Sanfordtina just LOOKS like the kind to disappear for three days and cheat on his wife.

16:28 And all of these fuckers, Ensign, Sanford, are no longer allowed to talk shit about gay marriage.

16:28 Those are good boys...like Sanford is a good, god fearin' man?

16:34 Oh good, Jenny Sanford is also a stupid bitch. Classy.

16:38 RT @GStuedler: Who needs Y&R when we got Sanford and Ensign?// I disagree until said senators start talking to invisible asshole chipmunks

17:00 A ~geographic~ revelation to us all. Sanford is a douche, I'd be lying if I said this didn't make me happy.

17:01 Lmao, Ed is killing it tonight

17:03 He spent a day in Argentina crying? From his dick, maybe.

17:04 Ed Shultz is my new tv boyfriend. Haters to the left.

17:09 RT @BrnEyeSuss: When will Joe and Mika's affair become public? // I ship it so damn hard



17:11 Ed just handed you YOUR ASS, bitch.

17:11 Spitzer is irrelevant because, uh, he's not in charge anymore.

17:12 TELL 'EM, ED.

17:12 Conservs think it's a happy day when this happens to liberals, so why the fuck not?

17:13 I'll send you an email, Ed Shultz. You'll be my new baby daddy.

17:17 Noraaaaaaaah. Hey girl hey.

17:22 Okay I'm bored with Ed. Who wants to talk about boobs?

17:25 Ed is kind of a dick, lolol

17:27 Our Gooooooood is an awesome God he reigns from heaven above

17:27 *waits for a million rightwing biblenut followers*

17:31 RT @zestylime: @pineapplecakes with wiiiiiisdom power and love our god is an awesome gooooooood~ // GLORY HALLELUJAH

17:39 RT @fakerahmemanuel: Q:What's dumber than cheating on your wife while in office A: Going to Argentina every time you want some fucking pussy

17:46 This seems fitting somehow: Sick Puppies "You're Going Down" ♫ twt.fm/174696

17:57 If you're going to have an affair, do it in a classy way where you never get caught. Laura Roslin didn't.

18:13 Also, I broke down and watched TB's season premiere. Michelle Forbes being a fierce bitch is epic (just not on BSG)

18:22 I just reached level 23. #spymaster bit.ly/playspy

18:45 RT @jimmyfallon A woman in Oklahoma was arrested for prostitution after agreeing to be paid for her services with a case of Frito-Lay chips.

18:46 RE my last tweet: Someone forgot to put @propernice back in her cage, god damnit.

19:12 RT @impeachmybush: Please, oh please @pineapplecakes please start cradling the two magnificent parts of you. I'd jizz in my pants.

19:47 Krandal, if we end up sleeping together, you should know that I'm a man that likes to be held.

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