where is there a liberal i can yell at for this?

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01:28 #intervention I've never seen Candy cry before, and I was completely moved by her telling Gabe this

04:49 Watched about seven episodes of Intervention on the DVR. Will be be catching @maddow podcast.

04:54 #intervention Candy is totally my favorite interventionist, she's definitely the HBIC

05:36 #maddow Lmfao: On one side we've got John McCain, his best friend forever Lindsey Grahm | THIS

23:20 #rescueme "Hey Tom, it's Archie Bunker on line two for you."

23:24 #rescueme "Stop trying to sound like Issac Hayes when you're standing here looking like the lost retarded Huxtable kid."

23:25 #rescueme "And thank you for the stuff we have and for Brett Farve getting traded to the Jets." How all prayers should end.

23:28 #rescueme If you see a drunk Irish man wandering around, its just my friend Tommy.

23:29 #rescueme Tommy took off his pants omg

23:38 #rescueme TITTY TWISTER WHAT. Sheila is crazy I love her sfm

00:04 LMFAO Letterman. "Give it a squeeze? That's what she said."

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